Paul's Boutique Spot The Fake - REVEALED!!!!

Hi girlies,
Ok so yesterday I did a post featuring two Paul's Boutique bag's one of which actually being a FAKER!!
If you haven't already seen that post please don't read on as it is a complete spoiler if you do haha!
You can see my  Spot The FAKE post here .

Ok so 12 lovely ladies commented on this post and 4 of you thought the fake was the black Anchor one, 3 thought it was the zebra one and 5 of you were completely undecided one followers even thought I was lying about one being fake haha!!

And the Faker is .......

Well done to the ladies who spotted this :)
Ok so now that you know the faker I'm going to show you what to look out for so you lot aren't conned into buying a fake PB (unknowingly of course haha)

Ok so one of the main differences is in the charms. Here is reason number one obviously PB stands for Paul's Boutique but unfortunatly Paul has to do without his Boutique in the dupe bag!!


Secondly the other fault with the charm is that on genuine PB bags there is a clasp with Paul's Boutique written on it!

 And finally the sheer colour difference used for the shade of "gold".
I hope this has helped you all spot fakes in the future and I hope you enjoyed this post it's something I always love spotting so I thought it would be a fun post to do :)
Did you know this was the faker?
Do you think this was a good fake?
Do you have any dupe handbags?
Until next time girlies... LolaRose xx


  1. i never know the designer or the brand but this is a very nice post indeed! you teach people how to spot a fake and an original item! Good job girl!

  2. i love this fake! it such a good copy xxxx

  3. I still think both bags are gorgeous, but I still prefer the anchor one xD Those are great ways to point out which is fake and which isn't, I had read someone's comment saying that the real ones have a PB on it and I saw a P on the anchor one, so I didn't look for the B. Great post! <3

  4. haha! I def wouldnt have guessed! Both bags are lovely!! xx

  5. I'd definatly buy the fake haha I'd say alot of people would be fooled!

    1. Thanks hun, no one actually believes it's a fake so why tell them ? haha

  6. Greats bags!<3
    Btw would you like follow each other?
    Just let me know:)


    1. These sort of comment's are not welcome on my blog

  7. Great idea for a post, so many people get caught out with fake bags!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I'm glad you like my room x


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